for Claire

In just a few weeks, Fletcher & Lola are going to have a new cousin! Lola will no longer be the only girl in a sea of boys, and as her arrival grows closer we have been thinking a lot about all the things we want to pass on to baby Claire. This beautiful dress is tops among them. It was hand sewn by Grandmama Frankie years ago for Aunt Annie and it is exquisite. It is also now much too small for Lola . . . but I couldn’t pass it on without first having photos of my beautiful girl in that beautiful dress.

Lo wasn’t in the mood for much of a photo shoot and was instead much more interested in dancing with the quilt hanging on the clothesline. And while this was not the backdrop I had originally envisioned, in the end I think it was perfect. I made that quilt, just like Grandmama made the dress. It seems somehow appropriate to have photos of both together.


3 responses to “for Claire

  1. Claire is adorable!!!

  2. Love these pictures and the dress!

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