I think the photos say it all. She might complain about going to ballet class from time to time, but when recital night comes those weeks of practice always pay off. Despite being a year younger than the other girls in her class, Lola Gray stole the show last night! OK. I might be a little biased . . . but she was seriously amazing. Poised and graceful and right on the mark. And absolutely glowing with the excitement of it all! Oh, to be a five year old ballerina again!

8 responses to “Ballerina

  1. She looks absolutely beautiful! Way to go Lola!

  2. I’m with Ginger!!! Lovely!

  3. She’s one lucky girl to have a mom like you!

  4. And you’re one lucky mom to have a daughter like her!

  5. Thanks girls! And, Tomoko, you are right! I am very lucky to have her!!!

  6. She is darling! What a great mommy!

  7. I love these photos…so wonderful!

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