violin concert

Fletcher had his end of the year violin concert on Thursday night, and he was sooooooo proud to be able to show off for NayNay and Grandaddy. For some reason the beginning strings were at the end of the concert, so he had to wait a very long time for his turn to play . . . and got in trouble a few times along the way. I wish I had the video camera on when he strings teacher, Ms. Malfatti, had to call him over to sit on the piano bench with her instead of next to his buddy Henry! She lovingly but firmly put her arm around him to keep him still, but he continued to make faces like he was in physical pain or about to be sick! It was pretty cute, actually, but don’t tell him that.

I tried my best to edit these videos in iMovie, put the clips together and add a title and credits . . . but I must be doing something wrong. The quality of the video was really low once I started editing. I opted instead for unedited footage and higher quality video. Maybe I’ll figure out this editing thing eventually . . .

This is Ms. Malfatti’s last year teaching violin at JGS. I hope they are able to continue the program without her, and hope they find someone wonderful to take her place. I have to say, it is hard for me to see exactly why Fletcher is so in love with her. . .  But he is. He cried when he told me she was retiring. Such a tenderhearted kid.


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