Field Day!

Last year, Fletcher missed all the end of the year activities at school since we were . . . otherwise occupied. That made today our first ever Field Day experience!

It was hot out there today, and pre-K didn’t last long. In fact, I missed Lola Gray’s only “event.” It is nice to have friends with cameras!

Fletcher’s class stuck it out to the end though, and as much as the kids enjoyed running and jumping and the wild craziness of it all, I feel certain I enjoyed it even more! This is a great group of kids and it is so fun to be able to watch my boy interact with his peers.

One of the highlights of the day? (Other than watching Fletcher run the obstacle course or bounce his heart out in the relay, of course.) Tug of War between the soldiers of the 260th Quartermaster and the entire 1st grade. Any bets on who won? I have to say, I totally expected those big strong guys to take it easy of the little kids but then show them definitively just who was in charge. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Those puny little 7 year old kids dragged those men across the playground! Prouder 1st graders you have never seen!


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