1st grade awards

It is the last week of school, and you know what that means – no homework, lots of parties, award ceremonies, movies, and more movies.

The awards ceremony for the 1st and 2nd grades lasted two hours. Fletcher received certificates of participation for the Strings program and Science Fair, but the biggest one in my book was for earning High Honor Roll for the entire year. Go Fletcher!

Over breakfast that morning he warned me that there was an award for earning E (excellent) in conduct all year, and he would NOT be getting that award. It made me giggle, and I told him I was not at all worried about his conduct. It isn’t like he ever did anything bad at school, he just sometimes has trouble staying quiet. I get it. But I must say I was a little put off (warning: rant coming on here) that the school calls this the Good Citizenship Award and made a huge deal out of how every child in the school should be getting this award – the not so subtle subtext being that my kid is bad. Ugh.

Sooooo . . .  we had a nice talk that night about what it really means to be a good citizen: being responsible, watching out for your friends and your community, standing up for what you think it right. Not being disruptive has a part in that sometimes, and Fletcher knows this is something he needs to work on, but it is only one piece of the picture. And in my book, Fletcher is absolutely a good citizen. (I may have been especially sensitive to this as it came on the heels of a week of rallying the neighborhood troops to speak out about proposed school budget cuts – an act that in my mind was directly tied to being a good citizen and which could never have happened if I was worried about keeping my mouth shut.)

Anyway, awards or no awards, as this school year winds down I am (as always) incredibly proud of both of my children. They are amazing little people and with every passing year they just get more and more amazing.
I am one very lucky mama.


3 responses to “1st grade awards

  1. Awesome! You’re right, there’s so much to be proud of! And I, too do not get why this is called Good Citiczenship. I mean, how many people who have spoken out would be called Good citizens?!?!?!?!

  2. You are so right. Brody did not get it this year because in 1 marking period his conduct grade was lowered because of how many days he was absent, late or left early. BUT it was all because he had the flu and several doctors appointments to make sure he was getting better and well enough to go back to school. Very frustrating for me because he is such a good kid and is always thinking of others.
    I think our children are very good citzen’s and just like you I am one very proud and lucky mama!
    Give your sweet kiddos big congratulation hugs for a great year from me.

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