Another great night at the ball park

As we were leaving the game this evening, a young guy called out to us “Hey, were you at the game tonight?” I told him we were – I thought maybe he was going to ask the score. Then he said “Come here, I have a present for you.” and he walked to the trunk of his car. Now, this might be the kind of thing that should give one pause in a dark parking lot but just about the time I started to wonder what was going on he emerged from the trunk with a baseball bat which he held out to the kids. He explained that it was cracked, so he couldn’t use it anymore. I asked if he was a player and he introduced himself as Sam Honeck, the Gnats’ 1st baseman. As he got in his car and drove off he told us to bring the bat back to the next game and he would sign it. The kids said they are going to cheer extra loud for him at the next game.


One response to “Another great night at the ball park

  1. Wow! That’s so cool! I know the kids loved it.

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