Roadside America: Virginia Safari Park

One of these days, I want to take one of those epic road trips. The kind where you travel the back roads, eat at diners, and visit every crazy roadside attraction you can find. For now, I have to get my dose of Roadside America in small batches, however. Interstates, while boring, make the drive home to Virginia much easier (especially when I am on my own with the kiddos – 8 hours is plenty long enough!)

Fortunately, this does not mean we have to miss out on adventure all together! Remember last summer when we ventured out to Natural Bridge and the ever amazing Foamhenge? Well, this trip we returned to the area but this time opted to tour the incredible Virginia Safari Park. The 180 acre park is home to over 1,000 exotic animals from 6 continents – just roaming free! We rode on a wagon through this beautiful countryside, and the animals flocked to us like crazy. See, the thing is, at this “zoo” you can feed the animals! They give you a big bucket of feed and you can give it to any critter you like. (Well, they did warn us not to feed the zebras – they bite.)

Feeding the animals was a little intimidating, actually! The camels would grab the plastic buckets and not let go. The deer and llamas would stick their heads as far into the wagon as they could, reaching around with these long tongues to find more feed. I didn’t manage to get any photos of the bison, but they were the most amazing to feed – they would tip their heads back, open their mouths, and wait for you to just pour the food right in!

At one point our driver stopped the wagon, jumped down and picked up an ostrich egg from the ground near a trees! He said it must be a ‘bad egg’ because the mother had abandoned it, so he passed it around and let everyone hold it.

Oh! And there were also kangaroos! We didn’t get to feed them, but we did get to pet them!

What a way to kick off a fun-filled week in Virginia!

One response to “Roadside America: Virginia Safari Park

  1. What an interesting place! I went there several years ago with people from work. The animals can be a bit aggressive when it comes to the food buckets. Great pictures. Anna

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