Roanoke Mountain Father’s Day

Having Raymond off in Italy on Father’s Day is the pits. Lucky for us we had my own amazing father to spend the day with! We took a picnic lunch (complete with s’mores!) up Roanoke Mountain, enjoyed the cool, sweet air, and were amazed at the way Grandaddy was able to open and close the back of his car through a chain reaction of grandchildren sticking their fingers in each other’s ears (isn’t that a no-no?) Lola Gray, ever the explorer, found a number of small, overlooked gems including an oddly shaped stick that looked like a birds head. NayNay pointed out snakeberries and wild blackberries and sassafras as we walked – and Lo even got to chew on a sassafras root for a while! And Fletcher? He was too busy running up ahead and just out of sight with his cousins and Uncle Brendan – no time to hold still for Mommy’s camera. Instead I turned my lens on my beautiful sister Erin and her youngest cutie. Man do I hope I can get those boys (and their parents!) down to Savannah some day soon! At least I know we will all be together again (even Boo is flying in from London – and bringing a friend!) at the beach in just a few weeks.

The countdown is on – we are mere days away from Raymond’s return to Savannah! Yippee!


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