Fabulous 4th

What more could one want, in the middle of a hot and lazy summer, than a chance to visit with good friends and celebrate all things American? Throw in some cold drinks, hot dogs, and an assortment of potluck side dishes, and you have yourself a bonafide party!

I did some decorating (obviously) but I didn’t do any cooking for this one. Raymond grilled the dogs, and we had watermelon galore, but the real culinary stars were the fabulous sides my friends brought! I’m compiling everyone’s recipes over here, so check it out for fabulous corn pudding, my favorite Chinese Cole Slaw, spicy peach salsa, perfect sesame noodles and more!

Of course, life in the Hostess City seems to dictate an abundance of tasty beverages at these sorts of gatherings, and we certainly had them in force. Bloody Marys. Sweet Tea vodka with mint (yum!) And my favorite, Summer Beer. My neighbors were kind enough to share the ‘secret’ recipe with me for the party, and now I’m going to share it with you!

Summer Beer:
• 1 can frozen Limeade
• Tequila (enough to fill the Limeade can
• 3-4 Corona (or Corona Light)
Mix together and enjoy! But watch out – they are addictive and dangerous!

Of course there were plenty of sweet treats for the kiddos as well – like these beauties and the white chocolate dipped strawberries with blue sprinkles that disappeared before I could get a photo!

And of course the classic red, white and blue Bomb Pop!

Lola and her friend Camille were even convinced (for the easy bribe of a marshmallow) to recite the Pledge of Allegiance for us all . . . in Latin, of course!

In the early evening we moved the party to Grayson Stadium for a fabulous, if somewhat hot and crowded, Sand Gnats game (Gnats won in extra innings!) and fireworks.

I just adore this old stadium.



2 responses to “Fabulous 4th

  1. Fabulous party…. Amazing pictures… thanks for your generosity, Ashley!

  2. We had such a great time and I’m loving these pics!

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