Makin’ a splash

After more than 50 consecutive days of temperatures well into the 90’s, you start to forget what comfortable feels like. I’m not talking cold . . . just not miserable. And make no mistake, it has been pretty miserable. Pair 95 degree temps and 65% humidity, and it just isn’t a pretty picture.

But yesterday, finally, the heat wave broke. Rain swept through and dropped temperatures into the 80’s – it is amazing how cool 82 feels (even with 85% humidity) when it has been two months since you last experienced it!

We spent the day yesterday at Splash in the Boro. It was overcast and rained periodically, but we were blissfully cool all day and didn’t mind the clouds or drizzle one bit! The kids are still too short to attempt the big water slides, but the lazy river was a big hit, as were the splash pools. Fletcher and Raymond made many runs down the mat racer which, honestly, scared me to death. That thing is tall! Lola’s favorite was the wave rider, where she was a pro boogie boarder. She must have ridden the thing 20 times. Perhaps we have a little future surfer on our hands? Videos are included below. I made them on my phone, so there was no zoom option. I don’t know if you will be able to tell just how huge their smiles were, but trust me, they were huge. Priceless.


2 responses to “Makin’ a splash

  1. I had fun just watching that!

  2. What a great place! I want to go!

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