I {heart} faces: friendship

Lola’s sweet friend Camille spent the day with us today, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get a photo for this week’s I Heart Faces photo challenge on Friendship. This photo . . . this is not what I expected. But it spoke to the tone of day, and frankly, it makes me laugh. I just had to post it.

You see, Camille and Fletcher are thick as thieves. Camille just might be the ‘total package’ to a 7 year old boy. She is cute as can be, likes dinosaurs, superheros, mythology and science – and she is just bossy enough to keep a wild boy in line. Most of the time all 3 kids get along famously, but today my poor Lola was on the outside.

I feel for her. It was not the first time she has had a friend all but ditch her in favor of big brother, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. But these are some of the tests of friendship, aren’t they? And honestly, Lola brought some of it on herself. She was pouty and whiny and sensitive, but later on in the day she recovered . . . mostly. Some days are just like that.


9 responses to “I {heart} faces: friendship

  1. I can’t get enough of this picture! Although I (of course) wish Lola was having more fun, it makes me laugh every time. Thanks so much for hosting our girl today.

  2. Melissa P. @Mel4Him

    True capture of real life. I love it!

  3. I agree with Lee! This picture is just too much. Thanks for all you did today!

  4. breannapetersonphotography

    this is really cute! is it taken with the Instragram app? I just got mine the other day & love this filter choice, it’s def. been my favorite 🙂

  5. Poor Lola! Maybe next time Fletcher should have a friend over as well..

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