Back to school!

It is hard to believe it, but another school year has now begun. Fletcher is in 2nd grade (how is that possible??) and my baby girl is a big, grown-up kindergartener. Amazing.

Once we got to her classroom, Lola wasn’t quite so sure about everything and she started to tear up when it was time for me to go. That, of course, made me cry which in turn started off several other mothers in the room. Yikes!

The tears didn’t last long though. I left the room to retrieve a few more supplies from the car (it was way too much to carry in one trip!) and when I returned she was happily working on a drawing. She had written the words CAT, DOG, MAT and BOB and was feeling very proud of herself.

I feel so lucky to be sending my children to this wonderful little school. I think both of the kids’ teachers this year are going to be wonderful – but then, that isn’t a surprise. I think all of the kindergarten and 2nd grade teachers are wonderful, just like all of the teachers we have had at this school up to this point. I’m not sure you can say that about very many schools.

This afternoon we will celebrate the first day of school with ice cream and friends. Then, back to the routine of school as we ease out of summer and into fall. I only hope cooler weather will find us before long . . .


4 responses to “Back to school!

  1. Awww her little face made me tear up alittle. I love the new plaid option for the girls. I will see you this afternoon and I can’t wait to hear all about their day. Brody was super excited about 5th grade.

  2. Seriously – that face was almost too much for me. You can’t do that to us mothers on the first day of school. Glad she recovered quickly though.

  3. Ashley- I truly know how you feel! That first day of Kindergarten was a tough one! But- amazingly- Sophie happily marched into Mrs. Riddell’s classroom today and was disappointed when I came to get her to go to the doctor’s office. She made a point of asking the doctor if she could go back to school-what a difference a year makes! We too have been blessed with great teachers at Isle of Hope- what a gift! Hope both LG and F have GREAT first days today!

    • Jennifer, Ann Riddell taught F & LG swim lessons this summer. She is wonderful – I’m sure Sophie is going to have an amazing year!

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