Tough Girl

Saturday was a day of birthdays for us. Not only was it Grandmama’s birthday (wish we could have been there to celebrate with her!) but we also had not one but two friend birthday parties to attend. The first party of the day was for our neighbor, Gabe, and Fletcher was having so much fun I ended up leaving him there while Lola and I continued on to her friend Lilly’s gymnastics party.

Lola had a wonderful time running around the gymnasium, bouncing on the trampoline, walking on the balance beams, and flopping into the pits of foam blocks. But the biggest hit with all the girls seemed to be the rope swing.

Of course, moments after this photo was taken, Lola let go of the rope at the wrong time. Instead of falling into the middle of the foam block pit, she fell right on the edge and banged her face solidly against the edge of the platform. Her first bloody nose. My girl was a champ though! She didn’t shed a single tear. Tough girl, that one.


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