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While Lola and I were enjoying our girl’s weekend, the Gaddy boys were off being boys at the Coastal Empire Cuboree. With 400 some Cub Scouts in attendance, it was pure boy paradise. Fletcher earned belt loops for horse back riding, chess, heritage, and gun safety (gun safety!) There were also Civil War reenactments, a huge water battle, and a pie eating contest which I am proud to say Raymond won hands down. Like I said, boy paradise.



just us chickens

While the boys were off at their Cuboree (photos to follow soon!) Lola Gray and I enjoyed some girl time. We started the day with Saturday morning cartoons in bed, followed by coffee and croissants, and a looooooong, lazy morning in the project room of the Jespson Center – for most of the three hours we were there (yes, three hours) Lola was the only child in the room. Her own private art studio! My girl was in heaven.

The evening found us at the most fabulous Angry Birds birthday party you could ever imagine. I am now plotting ways to get Raymond to build a giant slingshot in our back yard . . .


sleep overs

We’ve had our share of sleepovers lately, and I have to say I love this new stage we are entering. It hasn’t all been easy. We had one night a few weekends ago where both kids had friends to spend the night and, well, there was not a lot of sleeping to be had. The girls were tired, but the boys were wild. In fact, around 10:30 that night, when I thought everyone was finally asleep, the boys went into Lola Gray’s room and woke the girls, telling them it was morning!

But sleep overs aren’t really about sleep, are they. And I love it. I might need a nap the next day, but I love it.

Daddy’s shoes

While the boys were off doing boy things this afternoon, Lola Gray decided to walk a while in Daddy’s shoes.

Have you ever seen such silly shoes? Or a little girl who could manage to look so cute while wearing them?

not enough hours in the day

There is just no way around it – there are not enough hours in the day. Or at least, there are too few hours between the time the kids get home from school and the time we tuck them into bed. Too few hours for bike riding. Too few hours for swinging. Too few hours for baking cookies and chasing chickens and playing hopscotch with friends.

The weather has been blissfully cool this week, teasing us that Fall may, indeed, be around the corner. All the windows in the house are open, every second we have should be spent outside . . .

But, of course, there is ballet and Cub Scouts and violin . . . and there is homework. Oh the drama we have had lately with homework! Fletcher balks, and whines, and drags it out, and out, and out. And the thing is, he and I both know he knows most of this stuff already. It comes easily to him, but it bores him. Why he insists on torturing us all with it I don’t know . . .

His teacher told me Friday that this is not uncommon with gifted children, and she is giving him some freedom to come up with more interesting ways to approach the material. Hopefully that will make a difference . . .

With only three and a half hours between the time Fletcher & Lola are released from school and the time they crawl into bed, it is a tight fit to get it all in. I would love to push bedtime back, but I just can’t. As it is, it is difficult some days to wake them at 7:30am . . . they obviously need the sleep.

So I guess we will just have to find ways to squeeze out every drop of play time we can during the week – and fully relish our (too-short) lazy weekends.

This weekend kicked off Friday night with an oh-so-slight chill in the air. Perfect for play-off baseball, complete with ice cream and baseball cards, autographs from Johan Santana (doing a rehab start with the Gnats) and Gnate the Gnat, crazy face paint, fun with friends and staying up waaaaay too late.

I love Friday nights.

Who says summer is over?

Not around here, anyway. Not yet. A spontaneous evening trip to the beach and dinner with friends was the perfect way to wrap up Labor Day weekend. And now that the weather is a touch cooler, the Tybee crowds vastly thinned, I foresee many more beach outings for us over the next few months.


molluscum contagiosum

When my little sister, Erin, was about 3 years old she had warts under her arm. Molluscum Contagiosum, I’m guessing based on our recent experience with such things. She went to the dermatologist and had them removed, a process that caused so much full-lung screaming and wailing  for her Daddy that the doctor desperately told my mother to please go get the child’s Daddy.  She couldn’t, she told him, because he was in Chicago on business to which the doctor replied “I think he can hear her.”

Needless to say, it was a traumatic experience for all involved – and it stuck with me all these years.

Molluscum Contagiosum is, apparently, pretty common in children. One of Lola Gray’s friend’s had it a few summers ago and was told that the virus generally goes away on its own and is really just best left alone. When our sweet Lo was diagnosed with the warts last spring, our pediatrician said the same thing. Leave well enough alone and it will work its way out of her system in its own time.

So, we tried to wait.

But the warts grew. And spread. One on her chest was much larger than the others. We joked that she was growing a third nipple, and she started calling it her “nother nipple.” It kept growing, getting as big as a pencil eraser. You could see it though her clothes. This was getting out of control.

When the warts started showing up on her neck, I couldn’t wait any longer. I certainly didn’t want to let these things pop up on her face! But I also knew there was no way I could put her through the process of freezing them off in a dermatologist’s office.

(A funny aside here: when my sister’s warts were removed my mother told us the doctor used petrified beetle juice to do the job, and I believed her totally and completely until just last month when she told me she had made that up!!!)

My sister told me that she had heard of people using tea tree oil to remove warts, and we gave that a try but it smelled awful and made Lola’s skin really dry. After a drop of oil managed to melt the paint on my kitchen table, I figured it was time for another approach. Sometimes I wonder what we did before Google! In just a few clicks I learned that people have had amazing results with apple cider vinegar. Really. Vinegar. That’s it.

We tried it, and I can’t even tell you how amazed I am! Lola has been taking baths with about a cup of apple cider vinegar added to the water, plus we have been wetting the pads of band-aids  with the vinegar and then placing a bandaid over each wart. And it is working! After a week and a half, many of them have disappeared altogether. The big one has taken a bit of work, but it is just amazing how much it has changed. First it turned a really scary blackish color and oozed puss, which freaked us both out to no end, but then it started to just shrink away!

I can not say Lola has enjoyed this process at all. She cries when I put the vinegar on and says it stings. She hates having band-aids all over. She says she never wants to have this again. I’m with her on that one. But if it does ever come back, at least we know what to do before it gets out of control! And I know for a fact that the sting of the vinegar is nothing next to what my poor sister went through.