not enough hours in the day

There is just no way around it – there are not enough hours in the day. Or at least, there are too few hours between the time the kids get home from school and the time we tuck them into bed. Too few hours for bike riding. Too few hours for swinging. Too few hours for baking cookies and chasing chickens and playing hopscotch with friends.

The weather has been blissfully cool this week, teasing us that Fall may, indeed, be around the corner. All the windows in the house are open, every second we have should be spent outside . . .

But, of course, there is ballet and Cub Scouts and violin . . . and there is homework. Oh the drama we have had lately with homework! Fletcher balks, and whines, and drags it out, and out, and out. And the thing is, he and I both know he knows most of this stuff already. It comes easily to him, but it bores him. Why he insists on torturing us all with it I don’t know . . .

His teacher told me Friday that this is not uncommon with gifted children, and she is giving him some freedom to come up with more interesting ways to approach the material. Hopefully that will make a difference . . .

With only three and a half hours between the time Fletcher & Lola are released from school and the time they crawl into bed, it is a tight fit to get it all in. I would love to push bedtime back, but I just can’t. As it is, it is difficult some days to wake them at 7:30am . . . they obviously need the sleep.

So I guess we will just have to find ways to squeeze out every drop of play time we can during the week – and fully relish our (too-short) lazy weekends.

This weekend kicked off Friday night with an oh-so-slight chill in the air. Perfect for play-off baseball, complete with ice cream and baseball cards, autographs from Johan Santana (doing a rehab start with the Gnats) and Gnate the Gnat, crazy face paint, fun with friends and staying up waaaaay too late.

I love Friday nights.


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