just us chickens

While the boys were off at their Cuboree (photos to follow soon!) Lola Gray and I enjoyed some girl time. We started the day with Saturday morning cartoons in bed, followed by coffee and croissants, and a looooooong, lazy morning in the project room of the Jespson Center – for most of the three hours we were there (yes, three hours) Lola was the only child in the room. Her own private art studio! My girl was in heaven.

The evening found us at the most fabulous Angry Birds birthday party you could ever imagine. I am now plotting ways to get Raymond to build a giant slingshot in our back yard . . .



2 responses to “just us chickens

  1. I heard you say chickins but didn’t see none in the pichures. I new you had birds from other stuff you wrote. I’d like to see more of em. We could do bizness. You know what we say here, no cry’n just fry’n.

  2. Great pictures. We miss you.

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