Getting away for a while

We were very lucky to be able to get away for a while this past weekend and spend some much needed down time with friends at their amazing home on Hilton Head Island. It was the perfect weekend get-away. The weather was incredible – cool enough in the mornings and evenings to finally feel like autumn, warm enough during the day for splashing in the waves. We lounged, we romped on the beach and watched the sun rise, we took long bike rides and were amazed by hundreds of migrating butterflies dancing along the coastline. We rode ponies, fed deer by hand, visited the famed Salty Dog Cafe and ate our weight in oysters – even finding a pearl in one! (Even Lola Gray ate oysters! I was so proud of her willingness to give them a try, and so surprised that she liked them. She actually asked for oysters in her lunch this week!)

Of course, the problem with long, lazy weekends is that they have to end and you suddenly find yourself back at work, busy as ever, and way behind on your blogging. I can’t believe it is Wednesday and I am just getting this post up! Bear with me friends, there is yet more to come!

2 responses to “Getting away for a while

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