loose tooth

My baby girl woke up this morning and said one of her teeth felt “funny.” I imagine so, because it is suddenly pretty wiggly! Mommy, Daddy and Fletcher were all cheering and excited about her first loose tooth, but my sweet girl burst into tears instead. You see, we have been talking for years about how she needs to stop sucking her thumb, and how when she looses her baby teeth she really can’t suck it any more. So for her, a loose tooth means the impending loss of her greatest comfort . . . and that breaks my heart.

By the end of breakfast, and thanks to big brother’s constant chatter about the joys of tooth wiggling and golden dollars, Lola seemed pretty happy about things after all. Now I have to get serious about this thumb business though. Or, more likely, just need to stark socking away extra pennies for the orthodontist!


2 responses to “loose tooth

  1. Holy cow, her sweet and sad face make me want to cry! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I really mean this: Bless her heart! Thanks for sharing this.

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