Last weekend with NayNay

I feel like I am doing nothing but playing catchup these days! I am woefully behind in my posting here, but it is not from a lack of things to post about!

Last weekend NayNay came for a visit and we had a wonderful time. She was able to tag along on Lola Gray’s kindergarten pumpkin patch field trip on Friday, and then we spent an entire, amazing day working in the back yard. I was not terribly optimistic when we started – our yard is such a dust bowl and I just could not see any possibilities in it. Thankfully, my mother has more vision in these areas than I do! All five of us spent the day digging in the dirt and listening to Fletcher’s top Beatles picks on the iPod, and while it is going to take a while for things to grow and fill in, it already looks remarkably better. Thank you Nay Nay!



One response to “Last weekend with NayNay

  1. I love the picture of NayNay in her gardening gloves, always how I picture her; and I happen to know that – though they’re not pictured – there are dirty handprints on her backside. I miss you and your family, Lois included, more than ever. xoxo

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