Finally FALL!

I always struggle a bit this time of year. I love living in Savannah, but I do miss the crisp fall air and changing colors of Virginia. We always say we are going to take a trip north in the Fall, but it is such a busy time of year it never seems to happen. Fortunately, we are are blessed every now and then with weather cool enough to seem down right fall-ish, and this weekend was one of those magical occasions. Not quite sweater weather, but as close as we dare to hope for!

We took full advantage of  October’s bright blue weather and spent Saturday afternoon at Ottawa Farms. With a huge corn maze, corn crib, and corn canon not to mention hay rides, a cow ‘train’ and pig races, it was a fantastic day.


3 responses to “Finally FALL!

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  2. It’s taken some time for fall to arrive this year, but it finally has. And I love my long sleeved shirts and hoodies. Great photos, great post!

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