Rapunzel, Lego Guy, and way too much candy

Rapunzel’s wig itched. The Lego head wobbled and wasn’t totally conducive to night vision. I was so busy with the PAWrade that I barely got out the decorations this year and never got around to making my costume. And Raymond threw his back out and spent most of the day in pain.

And yet, it was a great Halloween anyway.

Kids in costumes, friends, and a few tons of candy – what’s not to like?



4 responses to “Rapunzel, Lego Guy, and way too much candy

  1. Great pictures and I love both costumes. Some day they will realize what wonderful parents they have. It may take a while; maybe till they have children of their own.

  2. Now I know where all of that yummy candy came from in class on Wednesday! I do not recall ever saying thank you, but better late than never, right? THANK YOU, Prof. Waldvogel!

    I love your blog, by the way! You have a way with words! I’m so glad and very fortunate to have you as a professor! You have such a beautiful family!

    – Kelvin

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