Turning 6

On Friday, my baby girl turned 6. I can hardly believe it. The last 6 years have passed in a flash . . .

When she woke me Friday morning, I told her that 6 years ago she and I had spent the entire day in bed together, and perhaps to celebrate her birthday we should do that again this year. My busy girl, of course, had other ideas.

The day started off big, with breakfast cupcakes and the loss of her 2nd tooth! That was followed by a cupcake party at school shared with her friend Billy (who was born on the same day in the same hospital!) and then a sushi dinner to wrap things up. Having Grandmama there to share (and Grandmama’s gift of the Ultimate Easy Bake  Oven!) made the day all the more special.

I just love this video of the class singing Happy Birthday to Lola Gray and Billy – first in English and then in Latin!

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