Visiting Santa

I didn’t want to go. I get like that sometimes. People laugh when I tell them how anti-social I am, but trust me, it takes effort to get me out the door. But we’re talking a visit from Santa Claus here, and that is not something to be missed!

The kids wrote him letters, Lola Gray insisting that she did not care what he brought her. I think we told her one too many times not to expect him to bring her a puppy, so she gave up. I didn’t mean for that to happen. So in the days leading up to Sunday’s visit with Santa we asked over and over what she wanted him to bring, and over and over again we got the same answer. “Anything will be fine.” We asked what would happen if he brought something she didn’t like, or something she already had, and she simply said she would give it to some other child who didn’t have much. Hmmmmmm. Sweet, but I’m not really sure how to take it. Here are the letters the kids ended up writing:

“Dear Santa, I do not mind. Love, Lola”

“Dear Santa, My sister does not care what she gets for Christmas. But I would like Skylanders for Wii. I do not care if I get it or not. Sincerely, Fletcher”

Of course, when she actually sat on Santa’s knee and was pressed for details she came out with something she wanted him to bring her. I’m not sure if it was something she had given thought to before hand, or if she just saw one flying through the park at the exact right moment, but she told Santa she wants a bird. Yup, that’s right. A real, live bird in a cage. I need to have a talk with Santa, because that is not going to happen. (Especially when there is a surprise like this in store!)

After visits with Santa we boarded the trolley for caroling through the neighborhood. Fletcher and I snuggled and sang while Lola Gray giggled with her friend Camille.

That is, until they opened up the microphone to kids and Lola realized she could lead the singing. Once she was on, we couldn’t get her off! I was so proud of my girl. She was clearly nervous, but she didn’t let her nerves stop her. For the first song she was helped along by 2 other mothers whom she has known almost her entire life, so I was able to get this video. It is dark, but you can hear her sweet voice.

After that the trolley stopped to pick up a new group of carolers, and Lola asked to ride again. I joined her at the front so she could sing again, along with her friends Caroline and Sophie. Again, she was scared. But she locked eyes with me and together we sang Frosty the Snowman, me as quietly as I could so no one would know how off-key I was, she loudly and sweetly into the microphone. I could never have been as brave as she was, and I am so, so proud to be her mother.


4 responses to “Visiting Santa

  1. Ah, our little speechies leading the singing! Thank you for including those pics in your post! Can’t wait to see the Chritmas morning surprise!

  2. I love the antlers and the red nose and no coats!

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