Christmas cards at last!

The countdown is on. Christmas is less than a week away. Guess it’s about time I finally got it together for a Christmas card photo! We kicked off winter break last night with pizza at Screamin’ Mimi’s, ice cream at Leopold’s and a viewing of Home Alone on the big screen at the Lucas Theater. (I have never heard children laugh like mine did last night. Priceless.) Today was full with back-to-back birthday parties but we managed to squeeze in  a quick photo shoot before dinner. I was not really optimistic – even though I’ve done a pretty good job lately of taking other people’s photos, with my own kids it is different. I think last year I did this 3 or 4 times before I got a photo I could live with. But this time the stars were properly aligned and I was pleased with the results.

Cards will be in the mail by Wednesday! Merry Christmas everyone!


2 responses to “Christmas cards at last!

  1. Beautiful pictures….wonderful children…..

  2. Love the pics – what a great idea!

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