Holiday blur

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were, as always, a lovely blur. We were very lucky to have Grandmama and Grandaddy G. visit us this year, the first stop in their quest to visit all of their grandchildren (in 3 different states!) on Christmas Day. They were able to join us for the Christmas Eve service at church to see Lola Gray as the most beautiful sheep in the whole nativity while Fletcher reprised his role as Wise Man (this year there were 4 instead of 3, but, um, who’s counting?)

Grandmama and Grandaddy headed out to visit cousin Benjamin right after breakfast, and we headed to a friend’s annual Christmas Day oyster roast, where I was too busy drinking champagne to take many photos.

And so another holiday passes in a beautiful blur of friends and family. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


2 responses to “Holiday blur

  1. Sounds wonderful!!! I know what you mean about a BLUUUUUURRRRRRRRR!

  2. Me either! Thanks so much for sharing the holiday with us. We had a great time. Miss you all already.

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