Puppy love

It has been nearly a year and a half since we lost our Sue dog, and in that time we had a lot of mixed feelings about getting a new dog. The kids were ready, but I wasn’t. The wound was still pretty raw and I just didn’t think I wanted to open my heart or my home to another animal. But the kids persisted and I relented – I think it is important for all of us to have another dog in our lives . . . we just had to find the right dog.

Enter Pepper – a “surprise” Christmas gift from my parents. I have known about him for weeks, and keeping the secret from the kids was soooooooooo hard to do! A few days before Christmas Lola sat on Santa’s lap and told him she wanted a black, curly haired dog named Pepper. She had seen photos of Aunt Boo’s dog, Bug, and wanted one just like him. Santa, being the practical man that he is, told her that it was a little late in the game to be putting in such a big request, and that really dogs did not like to fly in Santa’s sleigh – they are afraid of heights and it is really cold up there. She seemed confused . . . and then on Christmas morning a little disappointed. But my girl is growing up, and she never said a word to us about it. She didn’t cry, didn’t complain. (She did tell a friend, on Christmas afternoon, that she got “nothing that she wanted” for Christmas – but she is just barely 6 so I’ll forgive her that one.)

The next day we drove to Virginia. When we pulled up to the house, NayNay, Grandaddy and Aunt Boo came out to meet us with Pepper. I think we were all expecting a big reaction from the kids but there was almost no reaction whatsoever! Lo told me later that she thought Aunt Boo had brought Bug from London for a visit – it just didn’t register that this was her dog!

Dramatic reaction or no, we are all totally in love with this puppy. He has already been to several parties, had multiple puppy play-dates and is intent on visiting each and every one of Savannah’s beautiful parks.

He is incredibly tolerant.

And crazy cute.

Now if we can just get him housebroken . . .


3 responses to “Puppy love

  1. He is the perfect dog and that is coming from a non dog person. He is soft, fluffy, sweet and loves to snuggle…what more could you ask for. Cori

  2. What a cute little face!

  3. He really is pretty cute.

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