Practice makes perfect

Fletcher had his very first practice with the AAYO on Saturday morning, and I think it was an eye opening experience for both of us. It was a big change from his school lessons, and since only 6 of the 40 some musicians were new to the group I’m sure it felt to him like everyone else knew exactly what they were doing. Honestly, that wasn’t far off the mark. It had to have been overwhelming for him.

He did his best to keep up, and I was super proud of the effort. But I think we are going to have to step up the practice routine at home! He said the hardest part was sight reading the music, so we know what to work on. Plus, I made an audio recording of the entire hour long session so he can practice the songs along with the full group, and I think he has enjoyed that. We are going to miss next Saturday’s rehearsal, but hopefully when he returns in two weeks he will be more comfortable with the music and ready to jump right back in again.


3 responses to “Practice makes perfect

  1. What a great experience for him!!

  2. He gets an A for effort! What a trooper!

  3. I am so stinking proud of that kid. Go Fletcher!

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