Ever since we read about the opening of Legoland in Florida, Fletcher has been dying to go. Since Lola Gray got a trip to Disney for her birthday last year, this time it was Fletcher’s turn for a trip, and of course you know where we were headed.

Legoland did not disappoint. Disney it is not (they just didn’t do as well at keeping the lines moving – or at least entertaining you while you waited like Disney tends to do), but there were plenty of rides, amazing Lego creations galore, and multiple ‘shows’ that we never got a chance to sit down and watch (other than a glimpse of the water ski show from a distance.) The park is only open from 10am to 5pm but we managed to see most of the park in that time. Lola is not a fan of anything too fast or too high in the air, which limited her a bit (even the carousel was too much for her!), but Fletcher loves rollercoasters.

Before and after Legoland we were able to get a little taste of Disney since we were staying on property at the Pop Century resort. Pop Century is one of Disney’s ‘value’ properties, which is their nice way of saying cheap. And there was nothing fancy about the place. But after staying at a moderate hotel last year we decided that really the only benefit to the upgrade was the nicer pool – and last year we didn’t get to use the pool at all! Not worth the extra money this time around. The room was tiny, but clean and functional since we hardly spent any time there at all. The restaurant left something to be desired, but since we only ate breakfast there one day that didn’t really make much of a difference either. On the up side, the property is scattered with fabulous statues of famous Disney characters which the kids and I loved.

Plus staying on property gave us access to all sorts of Disney ‘extras’. On Friday night we went to the Ft. Wilderness campground (where I want to stay on our next Disney visit!) for the Chip & Dale Campfire Sing-a-Long followed by an outdoor screening of Brother Bear. It was almost a disaster: I had read online somewhere that you could buy pizza at the movie but when we arrived it turned out they only sold hot dogs and chili – not something that was going to fly with my vegetarian children.  Fortunately, Raymond zipped off to the camp store and bought bread, peanut butter and jelly! Not the dinner we had expected, but fun none-the-less.

After a long day at Legoland on Saturday we decided to head over to the Disney Boardwalk for dinner. We finally got that pizza, which we ate sitting outside on the waterfront and watching the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom. There were ducks in the water that would fly up to beg for pizza crusts every now and then (Lola loved this, but Fletcher was very upset with her for encouraging them!) and street performers to watch. The kids ate dessert while Raymond and I had a beer, then we watched one more round of fireworks (from Epcot this time) and one more street performer (Lola was bouncing up and down begging to be picked to participate, and Fletcher, my always enthusiastic son, was laughing so hard I really thought he might pee in his pants! Both had a chance to participate in the performance and I think that made their night.)  before heading back to the hotel, thoroughly exhausted but happy.

I have to say I am ready to go back again! Maybe for my birthday this year?


4 responses to “Legoland!!

  1. Looks wonderful! We’re going at the end of February and I think Legoland might be in our itenerary after hearing your tale!

  2. I love this, every bit of it, how special for Birthday Fletcher!

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