Debut Strings Ensemble

It was less than 2 months ago that Fletcher took a huge leap of faith and auditioned for the Armstrong Atlantic Youth Orchestra. None of us knew exactly what to expect, none of us could have ever anticipated just how hard he would work or how much he would improve over the course of the next two months.

But Saturday he rehearsed on the big stage and we bought our first concert tickets. I say first because I’m pretty sure (hopeful) that these will be the first of many.

After years of seeing such a big deal made over his sister’s ballet recitals, I wanted to make sure there was an equally big deal made of this concert. I told him we would take him anywhere he wanted for dinner after the concert, but he said what he really wanted was pizza at home and a trip to the library to pick out a new book.

He was less than thrilled with his concert attire – or more specifically, with the bow tie. He said he would never be able to play violin while wearing that thing. But of course he did. And he was amazing.

Unfortunately the Flip video camera died, and my phone ran out of memory before the end of the 3rd song, so the video of the performance is less than perfect. The performance, however, was perfect. To think that he was playing this just a few short months ago!

Just for fun, here is a photo my friend Atsuko took of Raymond, Lola Gray and me waiting for the concert to begin. I can’t get over how grown up (and beautiful!) Lola has become all of a sudden.


4 responses to “Debut Strings Ensemble

  1. Wish we could have been there.

  2. Your father said the photo of Fletcher in the dining room with his tie undone could be the jacket cover for his first CD.

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