catching up . . .

Sometimes I get so far behind, it is really hard to know how to catch up . . . or even where to start. I kind of feel like that with this blog post.

So what have we been up to lately? Lola Gray has artwork on display at the mall right now! We are so proud of her and her budding artistic ability!

But Fletcher has made it clear we should not count Lola as the only young Gaddy artist! Lately, Fletcher can’t get enough of drawing. His art is all boy – and Lola’s is all girl in the way that makes it so easy to praise young girls for their art and raise a worried eyebrow at boys. Fletcher is all about doodling on his school papers, to the point where I wonder if he pays attention to his teachers at all! Everything is Pokemon, everything is a battle, and while he still favors plain pencil and stick figures over Lola’s plethora of colors and details, his drawings none-the-less show amazing creativity. I should have known better than to over look them. I am so glad he reminded me!!

Spring has sprung in full force here in Savannah, and we have been enjoying it as much as possible. The jasmine is starting to bloom, as are the day lilies. We planted tomatoes and bell peppers and a few herbs in the garden.

But really, the tree pollen has been soooo bad it is hard for me to be in the yard for terribly long. And of course every bit of it sticks to poor Pepper! I think it is going to be time for his summer haircut before too long!

We got to go swimming with friends for the first time this season!

Saturday we visited the Teddy Bear Hospital at Memorial to have a hole in Paddington’s next stitched up. Lusa tagged along for a check-up and it turned out she had a terrible ear infoection requiring extensive bandages.

Fletcher was very serious about the whole thing until the end, when it was obvious that the x-ray machine was a fake. Then a doctor insisted that Paddington needed a neck brace, and that was the last straw. The brace completely interfered with the proper way to snuggle Paddington. In the car on the way home, Fletcher said “They were treating him like he’s a toy but he’s not. He’s really alive.” And I almost cried. I am so glad my sweet boy loves my silly old bear just as much as I did. (Ok. I admit it. I still do. And I think Fletcher is right – Paddington really is real.)

Lola Gray sang in church on Palm Sunday. It was a very odd song, actually. The kids sang the 10 Commandments, and I know I shouldn’t admit it but it was downright funny. I mean, really, these sweet little kids singing “Thou shall not commit adultery” is just weird. I’m not sure we will do choir again next year. Fletcher hates it and has already dropped out, but Lola really loves it. Fortunately, Sunday was the end of the choir ‘season’ for the little guys so we don’t have to make that decision until next year.

Sunday evening found us at Bonna Bella Yacht Club with friends. The kids played in the sand, the parents drank beer and chatted. Really, is there anything better than that?

We were supposed to spend this week with my oldest and dearest friend and her children, but circumstances were definitely conspiring against us. We are all heartbroken, but determined to find another time to visit. Fortunately, Easter is upon us with plenty of egg dying and hunting and candy eating distractions.

Whew. OK. I think we are mostly caught up now!


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