Happy Easter!

Another beautiful Easter has come and gone, and it truly was a beautiful day. After Easter baskets and breakfast we headed to church where Fletcher read Luke 24:1-9 during the children’s service. We stayed for the 11am service as Fletcher was the acolyte, and I was happy for the excuse to stay and enjoy the beautiful Easter music.

This video was made during the practice immediately before the service. Raymond was cracking up at how Fletcher looked like a typewriter moving the paper back and forth as he read!

After church we headed to Grayson Stadium for a Sand Gnats game. Cold beer, cool breeze, baseball, and snuggling in the bleachers with my favorite kiddos. It doesn’t get much better.


One response to “Happy Easter!

  1. Fletchers hair has gotten so dark!
    Sounds like he did a great job reading in church.

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