My little model

Lola’s modeling adventure concluded last night with the simply amazing SCAD Fashion Show. Thirty graduating fashion designers, including Lola’s designer Kayley Norgan, were selected to show their works in two shows on Saturday. The process is long and difficult, and the results are shockingly professional. This is not your average student fashion show!

On Thursday Lola went for her first practice session on the runway with none other than Miss J of America’s Next Top Model fame, who flies in from Paris each year to help coach the SCAD models! Of course, Lola has no idea who Miss J is, but she had fun strutting her stuff with the other girls.

The mothers were told absolutely no cameras or videotaping of the rehearsal, which of course killed me. Miss J took the girls back stage, five minutes later the music started thumping and those little girls came tearing down the runway like they had been doing it all their lives! I have no idea what he said to them, but as each got to the end of the catwalk they struck a pose, hands on hips or arms sassily flung in the air and as I watched them I kept thinking that is just not Lola. Sure enough when it was Lo’s turn she kind of spazzed out on her pose and totally cracked me up. With each pass down the catwalk she just kept getting crazier and crazier, doing scissor kicks and arabesques or striking weird yoga-like poses. She was having sooooo much fun, but at the end she and I had a little talk about how it is really best to keep both feet on the ground for the actual show. I have to admit though, I’m really happy that her poses are a little awkward and silly – the sexy and serious thing can wait a while, thank you very much.

At the end of the practice, Miss J gathered all the little girls together for a photo – and I had left my camera at home because they said no photos!! I got a few cute pics with my phone though.

Saturday morning we showed up at 9 for a 3 hour dress rehearsal before shows at 4 and 8. It was a long and exhausting day. Raymond and I had tickets to the 4pm show and sitting in the back of the theater waiting for Lola’s collection to come out, I was suddenly overcome with nervousness for her. I’d seen her walk the runway many times in practice already, but sitting in Trustees Theater with a sold-out crowd of 1,200 people, cameras flashing on both sides of the runway and music blaring  . . . the thought of my tiny girl stepping out into the middle of all that was totally overwhelming.

But she did it. And she did great.

We didn’t have tickets to the sold out 8pm show, but after a quick pizza dinner Raymond, Fletcher & I dropped Lola back at the theater and walked down the street for a drink at the Marshall House. The plan was to watch the show either on the live webcast on our iphones or on the giant projection out in front of the theater. Only that didn’t work. The webcast didn’t play, Fletcher took a terrible fall and banged up his face and knee pretty badly, I was practically in tears at not seeing Lo in the big show. But all’s well that ends well, and end well this did. Once the show was over the party started, the girls all came outside and the tape of the show was projected as the models wearing each designer’s signature piece worked the crowd and everyone snapped photos and danced.

When we got home we discovered the video of the entire 8pm show online and a photo of Lola Gray on the cover of the Savannah Morning News today!

I could not figure out how to embed the video, but in the mean time you can view it by following this link.



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