Jamestown & Colonial Williamsburg

After our week in Pennsylvania, we back tracked a bit to spend the weekend in Williamsburg. It just so happens that we timed our visit perfectly to coincide with a crazy, miserable heat wave and some pretty intense nighttime storms. Keeps life interesting I guess!

We did not let the weather deter us from spending a day in Jamestown followed by a day in Colonial Williamsburg. The kids adored Williamsburg. They have a game called REVquest, similar to Junior Ranger programs but way more fun, that involved the kids pretending to be double agents during the American Revolution. They followed clues and we texted in our answers whenever we solved a riddle, then received another clue via text in response. Along the way there were costumed interpreters who gave out bits of information, all while staying in character and acting like this was a very serious mission. Fletcher Gaddy was in heaven. It was an all-day affair, and at the end of the quest each child received a gold coin. The game was seriously brilliant, and we can’t wait to go back when they unveil the next mission.


One response to “Jamestown & Colonial Williamsburg

  1. Anna Epperson

    One of my favorite places.

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