A week in Maine . . .

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of parent to send the kids out the door and say “Be home by dark!” But for better or worse we just don’t live in the kind of neighborhood that allows for that. Freedom at home comes in tiny doses, but summer should be about bigger freedoms, new freedoms, and our week in Searsport Shores Ocean Campground was just the thing to afford those freedoms. I can’t say enough good things about this place. It was like summer camp for the whole family. And it brought a very welcome break in our summer travels.

We have seen and done incredible things this summer, but one thing the kids have been missing is friends. They play together pretty well, but the opportunity to interact with other kids, to run and bike and explore and make friends . . . well, we just weren’t sure that was going to present itself. And then we arrived in Searsport. The campground is small enough that we were never worried about the kids getting lost, and it was teeming with children so there was always someone out to play. The kids spent their days biking, feeding the goats, and exploring the fantastic playground. (They were thrilled to find a see saw! Those are becoming incredibly rare!) Raymond and I spent the week as artists in residence in the beautiful studio, and when we weren’t working we all found time for kayaking, visiting a nearby state park, hunting for sea urchins and lots of general relaxing. I have a feeling we will be finding our way back to Searsport Shores again before too long.


2 responses to “A week in Maine . . .

  1. Great pics! That campground was definitely a little piece of heaven and our kids loved it. What a great memory for our children and I promise you that Samson will never forget his summer friend in Maine, Fletcher:) and I will never forget how cute it was too watch Lola and Sahara put on their little talent show for us. We both have some pretty awesome kids.
    Thanks for posting such great pictures and I am enjoying reading your documentary of your camping adventures this summer. It was great to meet you all! Tina Brown

  2. What a beautiful place! It looks a lot like the Pacific Northwest where we like to go.

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