Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is almost too much beauty to process. Our 3 days there were filled with one breathtaking view after another, and then yet another. And we barely scratched the surface of the treasurers the park holds! Rock climbing was the biggest hit with the entire family (even Pepper!) so next time we visit we will have to take that on in a (mildly) more serious way. A close second for me was the foggy morning boat ride we took through Somes Sound with a visit to Little Cranberry Island. The fog made for a perfectly Maine experience, and we were able to see seals, porpoises, and more lobster buoys than we could count. And while the campsite was rustic (read: no showers!) we made up for it by eating very well – lobster rolls, lobster bisque, white fish in lobster sauce, and the amazing Jordan Pond popovers. If the best trips leave you wanting a bit more, then Acadia can definitely be put down on the list of the best. I have no doubt we will be back soon!

2 responses to “Acadia National Park

  1. wonderful photos Ashley! I think we might be going up next week to have a Lobster bake with some of the full-time families meeting there. Wish you could stay there another few weeks.

    • Julee I wish we could stay longer too! I know Kimberly Travaglino and Margie Lundy are both up there right now with a few other families. Hope that is who you are going to meet – you’ll love them! I really hope I get to see everyone again in Florida this winter. What an amazing community.

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