18 summers

Back in May and June it seemed like you couldn’t spend five minutes online (at least in the online momiverse) without being reminded that we are only given 18 summers with our children. It’s enough to turn your stomach if you think about it too long.

I opted not to think about it. And that was easy, for the most part. We were just too busy doing things and having amazing adventures. But now, as the last week of summer vacation comes to a close, I seem to be mourning the passing of summer #6/8. I just never seem ready to see the summer end, to see my babies go off to school again, another year older and wiser, even though I know that fall holds new adventures.

The last week of summer was a lazy one. There were long hours playing Legos with friends and swimming at the pool. We spent an amazing day on the water last weekend with dear friends (the girls found their adventurous side and swam to shore, which they dubbed “Mud Island” – photos below) and a lovely afternoon lounging in Forsyth Park this weekend. We are so lucky to have found these families and I continue to wonder at the fact that we all, moms, dads, kids, even dogs, just seem to click.

In between it all we managed to squeeze in a few baseball games, coffee with friends, a visit to the Children’s Museum, another successful youth orchestra audition, the first fencing lesson (more on that to come) and lots of fiddle playing. I hate to see summer come to an end, but as I send the kiddos off to 1st and 3rd grade I will do so knowing that we packed this one full to the brim. There really isn’t much more I could ask for now, is there?


One response to “18 summers

  1. I love this post! You’re so right!

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