The days keep passing

It truly is as if time sped up and the days are just flying past.
Suddenly we are within inches of October and I have barely even registered that September was here . . .

Our days have been packed with activities: violin, swimming, cub scouts, ballet, choir, piano and fencing. There have been long, lazy walks home from school each day, stopping to visit with dogs in backyards or climb trees along the way. There have been many sleepovers, much riding of scooters and plenty of sword play on the front walk. Last Saturday we enjoyed a lovely afternoon of pottery painting with girlfriends.

Life is busy, but good.

Raymond and I had a rare night out with friends, which was lovely, and the chance to meet Neil Gaiman made it all the better.

Lola Gray is doing an amazing job with her music lessons, and is gaining confidence with both the violin and the piano but she is still pining for a guitar of her own. She pulled out Raymond’s to play with the other day, but it’s just a little too big for her.

And our sweet puppy, Pepper, turned one year old! We had a birthday party for him and invited his girlfriend, Bailey. I had really hoped to get a photo of the pups in their party hats, but the dogs were much more interested in wrestling so this was the best I could do.

The ever so subtle promise of autumn has crept up on us this week, and even allowed us to turn off the air conditioner once or twice in favor of open windows and fresh breezes. I can not wait until we are able to keep the windows open all day every day! Meanwhile, we are making plans for Picnic in the Park, the school fall carnival, and Halloween costumes.


4 responses to “The days keep passing

  1. I am incredibly jealous – you got to meet Neil Gaiman and have him autograph a book!! Only one of my most favorite authors.

    • Sherry, he told a wonderful story for the Unchained Tour and was so gracious about signing books. He is one of my favorites too!

  2. Hi Ashley! First of all congratulations on the success of your UNSETTLEMENT project with Kickstarter. (We share the same last name by the way. I’m born and raised in North Carolina.) I’m putting a Kickstarter project together now and just wondered what you thought of the experience. Thanks. I’m a photographer also. I love your pics. So colorful!

    • Hi Levonne! My experience with Kickstarter was great. Spreading the word really seems to make all the difference – a popular writer here in town wrote a story about my project for her blog and also for the local newspaper, and that really helped tip us over the edge. Best of luck with your campaign!!

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