Some Enchanted Evening . . .

Picnic in the Park has always been my favorite Savannah event of the year. This year we finally got it together enough to organize a themed picnic to go along with the event theme Some Enchanted Evening. By Savannah standards ours was a modest attempt at best, but Raymond built us some beautiful tables that we can use for these events in the future and it was amazing to gather in the park with our closest friends on an October evening that felt more like August than autumn. Tomoko made the most incredible cake topped with meringue mushrooms, and everyone wore paper crowns and fairy wings. Raymond has begun his tenure as Chairman of the City of Savannah Cultural Affairs Commission, and in that role he got up on stage to address the crowd of 35,000 gathered in Forsyth Park. We hooted and hollered for him, but despite the fact that he couldn’t hear us (or perhaps because of it) he did a great job.

I did a terrible job of taking photos of the gathering, but I won’t apologize for it. It is hard sometimes to be a part of an event and document it at the same time – and I would rather be a part of things. But once the sun began to set, our picnic became truly magical and I had to get a few photos. The candelabra my mother gave me years ago, along with dozens of votive candles in mason jars, made our little camp so beautiful it was breathtaking. People came from all over the park to stand by the candelabra and have their photos taken in the candlelight!

We were missing a few important friends this year – some have moved, some were kept away by occasions happy and sad – but there is such a sense of community at Picnic that it almost felt like they were there with us. I’m already looking forward to next year!





2 responses to “Some Enchanted Evening . . .

  1. Looks like so much fun!!

  2. That cake sure looks “homemade”! Getting that rustic feel wasn’t so easy, but, ah well… LOL! I love how silly it is, wouldn’t it have been perfect if we all wore those mask and sat around it! That would make a fantastic photo!

    The candelabra, though, that really nailed it!

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