First Communion and sunny afternoons

I can hardly even believe how grown up my baby girl is all of a sudden. On Sunday she stood in front of the church for her first communion, flanked by 2 of her best friends. She has known these girls practically since birth, and I really hope they will always remain close.

Time just keeps passing faster and faster. I swear it feels like just yesterday she was a tiny little thing toddling around in diapers. But there is no slowing down the time – all I can do is hang on and enjoy the ride I guess! On hectic afternoons when we are racing from homework to activities to dinner and bed, I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the little moments. It really does make a difference. This photo is one of those moments – the kids were rushing to the car for swim lessons on the first chilly afternoon we have had this October when I made them stop and stand still while I made this photo with my phone. The light was just so beautiful and Lola was beyond adorable with those long legs and rain boots. These are the moments I want to remember and savor – and if it makes us a few minutes late to swim practice then so be it.


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