A Week of Halloween!

The Halloween fun, which began with our Cub Scout trip to Poppell Farms,  continued full force through the end of October. The school PAWrade and carnival, which I organized for PTA, was Saturday and was a very full day of fun and games and cute pets in costumes. Since Raymond and I were both working the event, poor Pepper did not get to attend this year, but I think it is time to pass the carnival torch, so hopefully we will get to bring him next year.

A new addition to this year’s carnival was a pumpkin decorating contest! Lola made an adorable Medusa pumpkin and won 3rd place in the “Scariest” category. Fletcher made a Pokeball with a tiny pseudo-Pokemon (which I made) inside – and he won 1st place for “Most Creative”! He was really excited – even more so when they announced the winners again on Monday and his whole class cheered for him.


The fun continued when Grandmama arrived Saturday afternoon to spend a few days hanging with the kiddos so Raymond and I could attend the Savannah Film Festival – thank you, Grandmama! The kids loved spending so much time with her, and the lead-up to Halloween made it even better.

On Sunday, Lola Gray was an acolyte at church for the first time. She did a great job, but was a little overwhelmed by the experience and burst into tears once she was safely back in the pew with us. During the service the 3rd graders were given their first Bibles, and each read a short passage. I just can’t believe how quickly my babies are growing up! Grandmama treated us to lunch at the Pirate’s House to celebrate.

Wednesday brought a more low-key Halloween than past years. We just were not up to hosting our big Halloween bash this year, but honestly, I didn’t miss it a bit. We were able to hit the streets earlier, accompanied by the Rabbs, Heidels and Normans – 3 of my favorite families ever. Lola the unicorn and Fletcher the fencer scored mass quantities of candy, and everyone headed home tired and happy.

And now, suddenly it is November! Full speed ahead towards Thanksgiving!



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