2nd chair, 1st violin

Fletcher had another concert last Saturday with the Debut Strings Ensemble of the Armstrong Atlantic Youth Orchestra, and this time he was seated 2nd chair, 1st violin. For those of you who don’t know what that means (like, um, me until just recently) it is the second ‘best’ position in the orchestra and is sometimes called the Assistant Concertmaster. In other words, I’m pretty impressed with my little boy.

I seem to have perpetual technical difficulties at concerts, and this time was no exception. My phone was full and quit recording 3 seconds into the first song. I thought I knew how to record video on my DSLR, only to discover later that I missed 2 other songs and the one that I did record is totally out of focus. But oh well, you can still hear them.

Pretty impressive considering this is where he was a year ago:

I also thought I would post the video Fletcher made for this year’s PTA Reflections competition. The 2012-2013 theme is “The Magic of a Moment.”


3 responses to “2nd chair, 1st violin

  1. I am totally impressed. It will be interesting to see where he goes with this. You don’t make second chair this quick without talent.

  2. Speaking as someone who was 4th chair (out of 4 players), I am very impressed! Go Fletcher!!!

  3. He’s so precious and sweet and dashing it makes me want to cry

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