Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

suddenly seven

In the blink of an eye, my baby is seven. How did that happen??


The good news is that she is an amazing child. She is sweet and smart and silly and curious. She is a math whiz, can whistle any tune you like, and thinks swiffering the floor is about the most fun thing ever.


Oh, and her front tooth is refusing to fall out even though the new tooth is coming in right behind it!

NayNay and Grandaddy were in Savannah for Lola’s birthday weekend, and the weather could not have been more beautiful. Saturday we took the dogs to Fort Pulaski and ate lunch at The Crab Shack before heading downtown for the Christmas parade.

Sunday brought birthday donuts at Krispy Kreme before church, where Lola’s choir sang.

For her birthday cupcakes at school on Monday, Lola Gray wanted to make sure her friend Ismael, who has bad allergies, could eat the same treat as everyone else. I thought my heart would burst with pride that she was thinking of her friend first. That’s one special little girl, and I am just so glad she is mine.


Giving Thanks

And suddenly the holidays are upon us, in all their dizzying glory! We kicked off the season in Roanoke this year for Thanksgiving with the Waldvogel clan. It was hard not to have my Grandmother there this year, and as always we missed Aunt Boo in London, but Erin’s friend Joel and his children joined us for dinner and the house was full of beauty and laughter.


My father and Raymond ran a 5K in the morning while the kids watched the Macy’s parade and Lola Gray continued the Waldvogel tradition of making Thanksgiving place cards.


Lola also insisted that she make the pumpkin pie this year, and NayNay graciously agreed. Despite the fact that I set the oven wrong and tried to burn it, it was delicious.



It was so wonderful to be home again, and wonderful, too, to return to our Savannah home and dive into December and all the fun it has in store for us.