American Girl birthday

Friday afternoon, Lola Gray and I jumped in the car with her two besties for a girls weekend birthday road trip extraordinaire. Our destination: the American Girl store in Atlanta!

We drove a little more than half way before stopping for the night in Macon – with plenty of time for pillow fights and a dip in the hotel pool – before heading on to Atlanta Saturday morning.

The store was crazy packed, but right away we recognized some familiar faces! Grandmama was passing through Atlanta, with Aunt Carol and Aunt Brenda, and stopped in to surprise the birthday girl! We shopped with Grandmama for a bit, then had a birthday lunch in the tea room while Grandmama shopped some more (I think it is going to be an American Girl Christmas this year!) Then after lunch each of the girls picked out a few special things for their dolls. I don’t know if it is always so packed or if it was just the Christmas rush, but we had to wait in line for 30 minutes to pay for our purchases! All four of us were exhausted by the time we left.

Fortunately, everyone seemed to get a second wind once we reached the hotel. The girls were so excited to see the special check-in area just for them (and their dolls, of course) but that was nothing compared to the excitement once we reached our room! I had reserved the special American Girl “everything pink” package at the Mariott as a birthday surprise – and what a surprise it was! As soon as we opened the door, the girls started squealing. Everything was pink. Pink comforters, pink pillows, pink beanbag chair, pink towels in the bathroom, and matching pink bathrobes for each girl and her doll! Plus, there was an American Girl travel doll bed for each girl to keep. I am so glad I decided to spend the extra money for the package – the smiles on their faces were worth every penny and then some.

We spent the afternoon at the hotel pool, had pizza and cookies delivered to the room, then headed downstairs in our jammies for a special screening of an American Girl movie.

The ride home Sunday was a long one, but I would do it all again in a heartbeat. The girls got along so beautifully and we all had so much fun together. Happy, happy birthday to my precious little girl!


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