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Clown Therapy

Do you want to judge me for taking my kids to the circus? Go right ahead.

Judge me as a parent who believes in wonder and magic, in bright lights, sparkly costumes, loud music, feats of amazement and death defying agility. Judge me as a parent who believes in the power of clowns. And trust me, on a day that started with the funeral for Fletcher’s beloved first violin teacher, we needed a little clown therapy.



Our lovely looooong weekend

Fletcher’s birthday on Saturday rolled slowly into a long, holiday weekend. The weather has been spectacular, so we took full advantage with a long park visit on Sunday and an outing to Fort Pulaski (followed, of course, by lunch at the Crab Shack and ice cream at the Sugar Shack!) on Sunday. Book-ending  our outings has been much playing of The Game of Life zAPPed, a birthday gift from Lola and a huge hit with everyone.

The four day weekend has me dreaming once again of spring break and then summer, with those long lazy days where we have nothing to do but play!

Climbing the walls

For Fletcher’s 9th birthday party, we wanted something low-key, with just his closest friends. An afternoon at the Savannah Climbing Co-op fit the bill perfectly. I was amazed by my little monkeys! Both Fletcher and Lola Gray took to the wall right away and did an amazing job. Even Raymond got into the act and scaled a wall or two.

Those are pet rocks as party favors the kids are holding in the last photo here. I thought I was so clever to come up with that to continue the rock climbing theme – that is until we headed home for cake and the rocks started flying around my house! Oh well. Nothing was broken, and everyone had a good time.

The cake continued the rock theme as well, with chocolate rocks covering the top of the cake. It was possibly the ugliest cake I have ever made, but Fletcher really wanted me to make a 14 layer cake. I only made it to 11 layers, but I think this is the closest I will come to earning my “southern girl” badge for cake making – it took ALL day and still turned out lopsided. But I tried. (I had decided not to try, but then F came home from school on Thursday with an elaborate drawing of his birthday party, complete with a very tall cake showing all 14 individual layers. After that, I had to make the cake!)

Man do I love this kid. There isn’t much I wouldn’t try for him if he asked.

call the tooth fairy – finally!!

Remember this photo from back in late November? The tooth that wouldn’t fall out. Such a journey for one little baby tooth! Way back when little Lo was just two years old, she fell down the stairs and bumped her mouth pretty hard. We worried about the tooth then, and again a few weeks later when she fell off the sofa (shortly before Auntie M and Uncle Tripp’s wedding) and hit it again. The tooth darkened slightly, but it didn’t fall out. The dentist took a ‘wait and see’ approach. So we waited.

Two years later, as a 4 year old on an Italian playground in the Borghese gardens, Lola took a header off the swings and hit that same tooth again. Hard. It was bleeding and totally sideways in her mouth, but we were in Rome for the summer! So Raymond bravely pushed the tooth back more or less into position and we headed off for gelatto and a carousel ride. I was sure that tooth would fall out before we returned to the States. But it held on.

It wasn’t until another two years had passed that the tooth started to show signs of struggle. It gradually began to turn an odd pinkish color and wiggled ever so slightly. But by this time Lola was a six year old first grader! She had already lost her two bottom teeth – it was simply the right time for that tooth to let go.

But it didn’t let go. It held on, and on, and on. We visited the dentist, but he said it will come out soon. So we waited. And still that tooth held on.

The permanent tooth came in, but it didn’t push the baby tooth out. The other front tooth started to wiggle. And then it stopped – held tightly in place by the pink tooth. The second permanent tooth started to come in behind as well.

It was time to visit the dentist again.

Lola and Daddy were both very brave. Mommy, getting updates via text message at work, was a nervous wreck. But in the end, a little Novocaine and a few tugs were all it took to remove Lola’s two front baby teeth. I can’t get over how big the permanent tooth is – and how far in it has already come! I’m so glad I get to see her with at least a semi-toothless grin for a little while. My beautiful baby girl is growing up!!

Cub Scout camping

While the girls were doing girl things last weekend, the boys were in the woods doing boy things. Honestly, I’m a little jealous. I am way over due for a camping trip!

Snow & Sand: just another fabulous weekend in Savannah

January in Savannah is always a surprise; and often a reminder of why we tolerate the heat of summer. This weekend’s weather could not have been more glorious: bright blue skies and temperatures climbing into the 80s. The boys spent the weekend camping with the Cub Scouts, leaving me to enjoy a weekend with my best girl.

We started Saturday with piano and guitar lessons, and then there was a surprise blizzard in Tiedeman Park! A neighborhood church brought in 4 truckloads of ice, which were fed into a chipper to create a mini snow storm. The kids loved it. There’s nothing like playing in the snow in shorts and t-shirts!

Sunday, after a long and leisurely brunch with friends, we headed to Tybee for a little sun and sand. Snow one day, beach the next. I love this place.