Clown Therapy

Do you want to judge me for taking my kids to the circus? Go right ahead.

Judge me as a parent who believes in wonder and magic, in bright lights, sparkly costumes, loud music, feats of amazement and death defying agility. Judge me as a parent who believes in the power of clowns. And trust me, on a day that started with the funeral for Fletcher’s beloved first violin teacher, we needed a little clown therapy.



8 responses to “Clown Therapy

  1. Please tell me you don’t catch flack from people about the circus. I love the circus.

  2. The circus is in b’ham this week. They dressed the elephants in houndstooth caps and Bama geer to celebrate the bcs championship. It was so cute. Love the circus and these pics.

  3. They are so adorable Ashley, and growing up so fast. Soon we’ll be reading about their exploits as teenagers. And Molly has turned four already. I feel so old!

  4. Looks like a great time. I could see Lola’s gap just a little.

  5. I love circus too! Very nice pictures!

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