happy birffday to me

It’s not so bad, this getting older thing. Especially when my amazing family treats me as well as they did this year.

Since my birthday fell on a Tuesday, we celebrated over the weekend. Saturday was Tara Feis where we enjoyed watching our friend Elsie perform with the Irish dancers and discovered a new Celtic band (Runa) that has been playing non-stop on Fletcher’s iPod ever since.

We followed the festival with dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant. The kids discovered these amazing Japanese sodas with a very elaborate opening mechanism (it involves a glass marble and a plunger!) and Fletcher ate his weight in cucumber rolls and vegetable gyoza.

Sunday afternoon we joined the Heidels at the new Moon River beer garden, a spot I’m sure we will visit often once they get their menu issues worked out. The girls made paper dolls while the adults visited, and Fletcher discovered the Vine app (thanks, Lee!) and had a ball making mini stop-motion videos.

But the birthday fun didn’t stop over the weekend! A little birdy told me that the kids had plans to serve me breakfast in bed on Tuesday for my birthday! Raymond leaves waaaaaayyyyy before dawn, so he and the kids made a plan and Fletcher set his alarm. Bright and early Tuesday morning Fletcher’s alarm woke me up, but not him. At least not until I gave him a gentle shake and he lept out of bed and bounded down the stairs.

Much banging was heard from the kitchen, and at least one shout of pain. It seems Raymond had hidden muffins on top of the fridge, so the kids had to climb up to get them (it’s a good thing I was in bed and couldn’t witness this!) and then there was the little issue of forgetting to take the muffins out of the plastic package before heating them in the oven . . . and not remembering to use a pot holder to take them out . . . but in the end there were muffins and coffee, a tray decorated with Lola’s drawings and Fletcher’s Lego hearts, two very proud kiddos  and one even more proud Mama.

That evening the kids played Happy Birthday for me on the violin and Raymond was home in time for cake and candles and singing (in English and Latin.) The cake, by the way, was homemade angel food made by my amazing husband. I am so lucky to have the three of them! I think this may go down as the best birthday yet.


One response to “happy birffday to me

  1. Glad your birthday was so wonderful! Love, Anna

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