Easter at the beach

I adore going to church on Easter morning. I love getting dressed up,  love the early children’s service our church does (Lola did a great job with the Old Testament reading this year) and the flowering of the cross, and I love the triumphant, joyful music that only appears on Easter Sunday. But after church, I always feel a bit lost. Without family around, a fancy Easter brunch seems forced, at least until the kids are a bit older and able to appreciate it, and I find myself each year struggling with what to do to make the afternoon special. This year, we were lucky to be able to spend the afternoon and evening on a beautiful, if cold, beach with good friends – including the incredible Hensleys visiting from D.C.! Beach time was followed by dinner at the Crab Shack, complete with crazy alligator antics, and while it may not have been a traditional way to spend Easter, it was lovely.


One response to “Easter at the beach

  1. How am I just seeing this? Adorable pics! That was fun. I sense a new tradition brewing…

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