Roseway schooner

NayNay and Grandaddy came to town for a quick springtime visit this past weekend! Their visits never seem to last long enough – zipping into town on Friday afternoon and back out again on Sunday morning – but we made the most of the time we had.

After a visit to the SCAD Museum of Art and fried green tomatoes and catfish at the Whistlestop Cafe, we boarded the Roseway schooner for a 2 hour river cruise. The Roseway was built in 1920  as a fishing yacht before being commissioned into the US Navy during WWII as a harbor pilot. These days she splits her time between Boston and St. Croix, with brief stops in Savannah each fall and spring.

Our river cruise was not exactly what I expected – I pictured sailing along a good clip and quickly putting downtown behind us in favor of marsh views. Instead we stayed within the downtown area and at times felt like we were barely moving but it was a wonderful experience none-the-less. The kids (and Raymond) got to help raise the sails and had fun playing with the ship’s resident dog Izzy. Grandaddy bought them each a Roseway baseball cap which they have worn constantly since Saturday, and we all enjoyed the sunshine and a relaxing sail.


One response to “Roseway schooner

  1. We had a really nice visit; short but sweet

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