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Ballerina . . . you should have seen her


SCAD Fashion – take 2

Once again this year, Lola was able to model in the incredible SCAD Fashion show, and once again she blew me away with her poise and confidence. I could never have walked out on that stage, but she did. And she loved every minute of it. Saturday was a loooong day – she had a 9am call at the theater and we weren’t back in the car headed home until 9:30 that night.

You can catch Lola at 2:00 in the video above and at 10:05 in the one below.

This year Lola’s outfit was selected to represent the designer’s collection at the reception outside the theater after the final show. That meant she got to stand with her designer while hundreds of people took photos and congratulated them. She was grinning ear to ear the whole time. Of course, she spent the rest of the weekend making clothes for herself and her dolls . . . perhaps we have a future designer in the family?

Cumberland Island

Mother’s Day weekend we finally were able to make another camping trip with our dear friends the Heidels. Fletcher brought along his best buddy, Benjamin, to even out the boy/girls count.

We camped at Crooked River State Park in St. Mary’s, Georgia in a campsite that backed up to the river and was within shouting distance of the playground. There was plenty of room for the kids to run, and Friday evening we were able to see an armadillo run though camp (the first wild, living armadillo I have ever seen!!) and watch dolphins playing in the river at sunset. Not bad at all.

Saturday morning we boarded a ferry and spent the day on Cumberland Island. It was a truly magical place. The ferry ride took about 45 minutes, and at one point we saw a pod of dolphins following the boat and playing in the wake. They were jumping and diving it was so incredible to watch! Shortly after that we came to Cumberland and saw wild horses grazing near the first ferry stop. Sadly, they were the only horses we saw that day (unlike our experience at Assateague where the horses were everywhere) but the island itself was so amazing it didn’t matter a bit. Somehow I wasn’t expecting the canopy of live oaks that greeted us as we walked across the island to the beach. It was like we had stepped into a movie. Just unreal. Next time, we plan to camp on Cumberland so we can spend more time and explore more of the island. As it was, we spent our few hours picnicking on the pristine beach and hunting for shells. Raymond found an enormous conch shell with a huge animal inside! (I guess it was a conch?) The kids were able to earn another Junior Ranger badge, and then we boarded the ferry for the ride home.

Saturday night it rained, so we headed home early on Sunday. It gets so hot down here we likely won’t be able to camp again until the fall, but I am ready!

Spring Concert

I will never get tired of seeing this child in a bow tie. So handsome. And really talented. He outgrew the Debut Ensemble this year, and it wasn’t much of a challenge for him. In the fall he will audition for the next level up, and I think that will be much more interesting!

After the concert, Lola Gray told me she wants to audition for orchestra next year too. It seems she is in love with the shoes the girls were wearing. Hopefully that will carry over into a love of the music as well!