SCAD Fashion – take 2

Once again this year, Lola was able to model in the incredible SCAD Fashion show, and once again she blew me away with her poise and confidence. I could never have walked out on that stage, but she did. And she loved every minute of it. Saturday was a loooong day – she had a 9am call at the theater and we weren’t back in the car headed home until 9:30 that night.

You can catch Lola at 2:00 in the video above and at 10:05 in the one below.

This year Lola’s outfit was selected to represent the designer’s collection at the reception outside the theater after the final show. That meant she got to stand with her designer while hundreds of people took photos and congratulated them. She was grinning ear to ear the whole time. Of course, she spent the rest of the weekend making clothes for herself and her dolls . . . perhaps we have a future designer in the family?


3 responses to “SCAD Fashion – take 2

  1. Lola was fabulous! Her wonderful, vivacious spirit shone on stage! I am so lucky to have had her as model. Lets keep in touch!

    The full collection lookbook is available at I’m selling the collection as well as taking custom commissions/orders. All the best!

    • Anna, we LOVED your collection! Lola hasn’t stopped talking about the doll headband you were wearing that night – can you make child-sized versions of that?

  2. Hi Ashley,
    I can certainly make a child sized headband! Please email me
    We can work out a price and I’ll mail you one!

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